Death Wish (2023)

Commissioned illustration of an A Hat in Time player.

Date Night (2024)

An OC chilling in bed watching YouTube, commission work.

Giratina in the Distortion World (2023)

Illustration of the Distortion World setting in Pokemon Platinum, featuring Giratina and a Pokemon Trainer following them, commission work.

Versus Lor & Magolor (2023) 

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee from Kirby's Return to Dreamland battling against Magolor and his ship.

Ultra Sword Coronation (2023)

Kirby from Kirby's Return to Dreamland supposedly finishing off Magolor with an Ultra Sword.

Time Piece (2024)

Hat Kid from A Hat in Time holding a glowing Time Piece in a Blue Rift world, commission work.

Hat Any% Tournament Stream Layout (2024)

Streaming layout for the 2024 A Hat in Time Any% Tournament I hosted. "Runner1", "Runner2", "Commentator1", and "Commentator2" are all placeholders for demonstration, and the icons to the left and right of the runner displays can all be toggled on OBS to indicate who has the current lead.

Hat Speedrun Background (2024)

Illustration of various speedrun tricks in A Hat in Time compiled together.

Forest of Fall (2023)

Smushi from Smushi Come Home stumbling across a beautiful aspen tree forest. 

Gliding Across the Garden (2023)

Smushi from Smushi Come Home gliding across the garden area.

Lake of Bloom (2023)

Smushi from Smushi Come Home riding a very polite capybara across a lake.

Supreme Calamitas (2022)

Interpretation of the boss "Supreme Calamitas" from the Calamity Mod made for Terraria.

Sky Island Shrine (2023)

Landscape illustration of a shrine from The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom on a sky island at night, commission work.

Clock Towers Beneath the Sea (2023)

Hat Kid from A Hat in Time exploring one of the many "Time Rifts" found in game, commission work.

Truly Cheating the Race (2023)

Hat Kid from A Hat in Time found a bike! Crossover between A Hat in Time and The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom.

Crazy 8's at QC's (2023)
The Deltarune cast hanging out at "QC's Diner", playing Crazy 8's together.

Artemis from Hades II (2024)

Very simple re-render of the official artwork of Artemis as she appears in Hades II to practice aspects of my own art style.

Enderman (2023)

Colorful interpretation of the Enderman enemy from Minecraft.

Lush Jungle (2020)
Concept art of a jungle like area that could be included in the metroidvania Hollow Knight by Team Cherry.

Froot (2021)
Neon colored fanart for the vtuber "Froot" working as talent for VShojo.

Confronting Myself (2020)

Drawing of the sixth main level from Celeste, "Reflection".

Mystery on the Express (2019)

Dramatic interpretation of the level "Murder on the Owl Express" from A Hat in Time.

Mirror Temple (2020)

Three point perspective interpretation of the 2D platformer Celeste's fifth main level, the "Mirror Temple".

Green Clean Station (2019)

Large scale illustration of most the major characters featured in A Hat in Time all together in the "Nyakuza Metro" area of the game.

One of my earlier works where I would become invested in the A Hat in Time community, making much more fanart related to the game.

Subcon (2019)

Reimaging of the lore presented in the "Subcon" area of A Hat in Time.

Nyakuza Mustache Girl (2020, above)

Concept art showing "Mustache Girl", the antagonist of A Hat in Time, in an outfit based on the "Nyakuza Metro" area of the game.

Nyakuza Metro Gang (2020, left)

Multi-character illustration of Hat Kid's official "Nyakuza Metro" outfit, as well as my own fan outfit for Mustache Girl and a fan outfit for the co-op character Bow Kid designed by Joe Davies.

Monomon's Archives (2018)

Hollow Knight fan concept art for lore of a character named "Quirrel" in his past working with the scientist "Monomon" on her research.

Marissa's Song (2018)

Recreation of a ghost like character, "Marissa", from Hollow Knight performing to many of characters found in the game.

Battle of the Blackwyrm (2018)

Hollow Knight fan concept art for a lore description of a black, leviathan like creature that was fought off by a group of knights.