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Terms and Conditions

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 Commissions OPEN! 

Slots available: 3


Prices Ranges

My general prices are $20.00 an hour. The amount of hours I spend on a commission can vary based on what is requested, and usually range from 1 hour to up to 30 hours depending on complexity. Prices I give are based on general estimates from past experiences with different types of pieces. 

Here are some examples of different amounts of time spent:

Refined sketch of single character

1 hour, $20.00 - $30.00

Fully illustrated single character

3 hours, $60.00 - $70.00

Landscape/Background art, no characters
4 hours, $80.00 - $90.00

Fully illustrated single character, simple background

5 hours, $100.00 - $120.00

1-2 fully illustrated characters, complex background

8 hours, $150.00 - $180.00

Multiple fully illustrated dynamic characters, simple background

12 hours, $240.00 - $280.00

Many illustrated dynamic characters, fully fleshed out background

20 hours, $400.00 +

I track my hours using Procreate' s canvas statistics in the analytics settings. These hours tick up as long as the canvas as open. While I do my best to not leave the canvas open while taking a break, there are times it happens, so as a result I usually subtract 1/4th of the time the canvas states to calculate my actual time spent on the drawings.

General Process

You can sent a commission request at my business email,, and I will either accept or reject the request. Afterwards we can discuss pricing and references, and I will then create a rough sketch as soon as the commission is set. 

The stages I send for adjustments and updates are the sketch, the lineart, the coloring, and then the completed artwork. Sketches may be revised up to 3 times, and all other stages may be revised 1 time. Anywhere past these limits will cause extra charges, unless it is the result of a misunderstanding on my end.

Once the artwork is complete, I will send a full resolution version and an upload friendly version. Please read my terms and conditions if you have not to know what rights you have and what rights I have with the completed artwork.

Commissions I Do and Don't Do

I Do:

I Don't do:

Contacting Me

To contact me for commission requests or questions, please use my business email, For payment methods I allow Stripe and Paypal, and also can use Venmo for U.S residents. For my broad payments I prefer Stripe when possible due to much better conversion rates and lower transfer fees. 

If you feel a little lost on where to start on requesting a commission, follow along the general example below that gives me the most needed information (key things to include will be bold and highlighted):


Subject: Commissions

[Say what you want a commission of, and be sure to include all characters involved, if you want a sketch, colored drawing, or full render, what type of background you want, and how much of the character/characters you want drawn such as portrait or full body. These will all help with calculating a base price.]

Hello! I was wondering if I could request a commission, seeing you had slots available still. I wanted to request a fully rendered drawing of my OC and their partner. They would be sitting at a tavern having a conversation, and they can both be in a bust shot with just the top half of their bodies. I would like the background to be the tavern, but without any extra characters.

[Present reference pictures and simple personality of any key info needed for the request, especially of any characters listed. Simple personality is fantastic for commissions as it gives me ideas of what expressions to draw. If a background is included, a reference isn't necessary if you are fine with it me finding my own, however specific references of architecture or structures of background elements are extremely helpful.]

Here's my OC: (image of the OC) They are very outgoing and generally short tempered, so have an overall energetic personality. And here's my OC's partner: (image of the OC's partner) They are much more introverted and patient, and have an overall gentle personality. As for the tavern, I would like it to look similar to these two pictures I found of tavern ideas: (two pictures of the tavern inspirations)

I hope this works well for you!


This is the minimum information I appreciate in an initial email, and from there discussion for clarification, payment, and artwork resolution will follow.